Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Is As Busy Does

Busy is as busy does. Yeah, I know. That's not the real quote. That's pretty is as pretty does. I'm sure every mother or grandmother in the world has said something similar at sometime or other. But I'm too busy right now to give the first thought to pretty. Well, maybe I'm still working on the pretty on the inside as I work to be a decent and caring person. And of course I want those grandbabies to think I'm fun on the inside even if they think I'm ancient on the outside. My grandson told his father last week that they couldn't wait a few years until he was a teen to do some cave exploring because he, my son, would be too old then at forty something to do something so strenuous. Ohh, to be forty something again. I'm sure I'd have more energy. Maybe even be a better manager of my time. But now I'm just hanging in there doing the best I can. That's probably all I did when I was forty something too, but it seems like I should have done better when I look back now.


My mother hasn't improved. It's pretty obvious now that she won't be able to stay alone again. That's hard for her and for us as we try to condense busy schedules into half as much time. And I still have the one deadline for the edits to Angel Sister staring me in the face. Two weeks. Two weeks in the middle of August when the grandkids want to come visit before school and the beans keep growing in the garden and the tomatoes are ripe and, and, and... But then there's always something. Life's like that. And right now life isn't as easy as it was a few weeks ago. Right now we're doing the best we can for mom and I'm doing the best I can as a writer and a mother and wife and grandmother. Well, trying to do the best I can. Without stressing out. A friend told me today it was better that we couldn't do everything because then we wouldn't be looking to the Lord for help. She made sense. The Lord helps us through and answers prayers and gives us strength.


I was in the newspaper today. The USA Today. Well, The Seeker was mentioned in an article on Amish fiction. My books aren't Amish fiction, but my book was mentioned in a sidebar to the article talking about other religions that were spawning books. I think some friends of mine on a trip to Chicago were surprised to pick up the hotel's USA Today and see my name on the page. I would have been even more surprised than they were, I'm sure. But that's how I found out about it. I looked around my little town to see if I could find a copy. Nope. No USA Today papers anywhere I looked. But I saw the article online. It wasn't really a review, but a nice mention.


Hope you have a week where you are busy at good things and not just spinning in place the way I sometimes feel like I'm doing.

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