Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun with the Kids and Mom

The grandkids were posing with my mom here, but Mom and the little one were more interested in the eggs she'd found out in the yard. Mom really loves watching the littlest ones. The bigger ones have too much energy sometimes for her. We had a busy Easter weekend with my daughter and her husband home to visit and one family of the grandkids here for Easter. Then there were the two services at church . We do a Sunrise Service where our pastor takes on the personna of one of the First Century witnesses to the Resurrection. This year he was Thomas. Always an enlightening message, but it keeps me moving to get something cooked for our fellowship breakfast and get dinner cooked for home. Last year all the grandkids were here and I thought I had it planned out. Put a couple of dishes in my oven and intended to set the automatic timer for it to come on before we got home from church. Uh-oh! I guess I just turned the oven on with no timer working. My macaroni, apple, and potato dishes were crispy black when I got home, but at least the house wasn't full of smoke or worse in flames. This year I just came home in between services. Gas is expensive, but so are houses!!

We did have a nice day. The kids even hid eggs and made us adults go hunting for the hard boiled eggs they had decorated. I was about as bad at finding eggs now as when I was a kid. I was always that kid who maybe found one egg at an Easter egg hunt. Just not fast enough even back then. :) But my daughter and her little weiner dog found a few. Poor little dog has arthritic joints and so gets carried around a lot. He likes being up high. I had all my dogs out of the egg hiding field. My big old chocolate lab is really good at finding eggs and crunching those plastic shells to get to the candy so he has to be banned from participating. We were glad the rain stopped long enough to do the hunt outside. The big kids are always just as happy to get the plastic eggs that rattle - coins inside - as the ones with candy. But the little one, she was after the chocolate.

Missed having all the family here. One son is away on business and the other son and his family were taking in the sights at Disney World. So they were having a great time too. But it was good that Mom felt like coming out to be part of our day.

Hope you had a beautiful Easter day with blessings hopping up all around you. I had a blessing of some great news this a.m. about Angel Sister possibly getting some print publicity. I'll be sure to let you know more about that later. My goal this week is to redo my home page on my website, write a bunch of words for my new Shaker book, and work on getting out a newsletter. I have this wonderful post from Suzanne Woods Fisher that I'm going to put here on the blog, but I want to send out a newsletter first so I can share the fun with as many people as possible. Then of course, I want to rejoice in my everyday blessings - a loving family, a beautiful place to live, the return of the hummingbirds, my dog friends, my church, a working computer, reading friends, and so many more.

How about you? Did you have a blessed Easter? Thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Ann,
    So nice reading about your Easter...sounds like you all had a blessed day.
    We also had a great Easter, a day of blessings and fun.
    That's great news on Angel Sister...please keep us posted.
    I do hope they mention what a wonderful help-meet Nadine was to Victor. As I was reading this book, I kept thinking to myself how much I admired Nadine for being a faithful help-meet.

    Going to start The Believer today. Have had it for several days, but life got busy. Can't wait to start.

    Blessings to you Ann.

  2. I understand about that "life got busy." Mine does that on a regular basis. Proves we're blessed. But it wasn't much of a blessing to have my laptop get a virus. Guess I'll be off line and out of luck writing while I'm at Mom's tonight. Hoping the "doctors" can fix it soon.

    Hope you enjoy reading about Elizabeth and Ethan.


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