Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blogging - A Connecting Bridge

~ Your blog is your unedited version of yourself. ~   lorelle
How many blogs can a blogger blog before a blogger gets bogged down in all those blogs and feels blah? (Say that 10 times fast.) I'm not sure if I was trying to come up with a tongue twister this a.m. when I was tweeting on Twitter or if I felt the blogging blues coming on. Maybe not the blues. Maybe creative panic. I've written a lot of blog posts. What if I run out of anything to say? Maybe I've already run out.
But then again, maybe not. I'm pretty laid back about my blog. I've always liked writing in my journal and that's what this blog is for me. One Writer's Journal. But I do have to admit I might not write exactly the same things I might write in my notebook journal for my eyes only. A lot of the writing related entries in my journals that stretch way back through decades of writing are about the discouragements I've sometimes had to deal with while writing and getting rejections. A lot of the entries end with me trying to boost the spirits of one tired writer - me. 
While I don't know how many eyes are actually going to be reading this - maybe very few - I am aware of the potential of people reading my thoughts. And I do think Lorelle got it right in her quote above. Blogging here is a kind of unedited writing for me. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about what I'm going to write. I spend more time trying to find a photo to dress the blog up a little. And then once I find the photo, it usually makes a difference in what I write. Sort of like those improvisational actors and actresses who ask for ideas from the audience and then do a skit on the idea on the spot. That actually sounds like a great idea to me. Throw some ideas at me and let me try to come up with a few paragraphs. 
The picture above is one I took last year when I went to California and we rode down the coastline. When I was casting about for a picture and thinking about blogging, the idea of blogging being a bridge of communication between people came to mind. Tenuous, for sure, but I needed a picture and an idea. 
So do you think I've gone over the bridge and into the blogging blahs? Do I really want you to answer that? Yeah, go ahead. I like hearing what you're thinking. I like the description of a blog below. I think that about covers it all. That and a "blog is a bridge across the internet to connect a writer and a reader." So thanks for being that reader today.

A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world. ~(blogger)


  1. My idea of blogging was to use it as a bridge or tool for students to read a book and express their thoughts using blogging as a form of writing.

  2. I agree that blogging can be a great way to practice writing skills and to learn to organize one's thoughts. There are a lot of blogs devoted completely to book reviewing.

    Thanks for sharing your idea of blogging.

  3. I first created my blog so that I could help our patrons if they wanted to do their own. Now I use it to record my thoughts or an event I want to remember so I guess my blog has become my online diary.
    Don't worry about running out of ideas for your blog because your friends & fans will always be anxious to hear from you and they in turn will fuel your writings.
    Hope you have a blessed day, Ann

  4. Thanks, Connie. I always look forward to your comments. And haven't we all always wanted to read other people's diaries? Now we've thrown away the keys to those books and opened them up for the world.

  5. I really started my own blog so i had a place to show folks my pictures to be honest. And somehow i became the host of Amish Stories,lol. How did that happen Ann!. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa

  6. Maybe because you were good at it, Richard. And I have to admit I enjoy using my photos on the blog even if I have to stretch it sometime to make a connection between the picture and what I write.


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