Monday, April 2, 2012

Cousins Equal Fun

Cousins are different beautiful flowers in the same garden.  ~Anonymous

Here are a couple of the beautiful flowers in my garden of grandchildren - two little cousins who enjoyed an early Easter celebration at my house yesterday. We were sort of surprised by the early morning rain. The weather forecasters had said there might be a stray shower. It rained solidly for several hours. My daughter said it must have been the weather guys' April Fool's joke on us. It did mess up the Easter egg hunt we had planned. We hid the eggs in the house which didn't make the hunt very challenging for the older grandkids. The sun did come out and the kids did spend most of the afternoon outside but it was very wet when they were anxiously ready to do the Easter egg hunting. You can only hold off kids eager to hunt candy for so long. My two oldest grandkids didn't hunt eggs. They're growing up. One of them will be graduating from high school this year. How quickly the years zoom past. 

Going "home" to grandma's and grandpa's and playing with cousins can be one of the best memories of childhood. I certainly remember the many good times I had with my cousins when I was a kid. We played in the fields and woods and thought up some neat adventures. In a way, I can attribute my beginning to write to playing with my cousin and my sister. They, along with me, starred in the first book I started writing when I was a kid. We had fun in my imagination too. 

Cousins can be such great ready made friends. Supplied by family with no effort on the child's part. Connected to one another by family ties and sometimes similar backgrounds. My children had great fun with their cousins, and it's good to see their children playing together now. My children got to see their cousins often since my sisters and I live in the same community. My grandkids don't live close together. So they don't see each other but a few times a year, but they know how to have fun together when the opportunity pops up.  

Did you have cousins you played with as kids? Have the bonds of friendship endured through the years? I don't see my cousins much any more. A couple of them live in California and I doubt I'll ever see them again. But the memories of good times together linger and bring smiles. 

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  1. I didn't really know my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents when I was growing up as my dad was in the Air Force and we moved around a lot. When I had my daughters, I told myself, that when they got older I was going to send them to my parents for a month in the summer so they would get to know their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. My husband was in the Navy and we were stationed in Virginia and my family was back in Illinois. So starting around five years old they would visit their relatives in Illinois for around a month during the summer then as a family we would visit at Christmas. Now my daughters are grown and have their own children. My granddaughters, Kylie and Haylee who are 4 and 3 years old, act like they are sisters instead of cousins. Haylee is so proud of her older cousin that she tells everyone that she has a cousin, Kylie (she forgets she also has a cousin named Brayden who is 1). Now they call each other sisters. They just started that a couple weeks ago. It's so cute. I'm so glad they both live in Virgini Beach and see each other several times a week and go to the same preschool. They will cherish the memories they are making forever.

  2. Extended family connections can so enrich a childhood. It's so good that you gave that gift to your children and isn't it fun seeing grandkids establish those fun relationships with each other. I had such fun with my cousins when I was a kid.


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