Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines and Hearts

Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.” – Voltaire 

What would life be without love? Isn't it great that we have a day set aside to celebrate love? In of all months, February. That month of the year when those of us in the northern hemisphere are beginning to be weary of winter. The month when the skies are often gray, when sometimes snow buries us and keeps us housebound. The month when you can schedule happenings, but you always have to wonder if those things will really happen on the day you plan or if old man winter will interfere. 

February is the shortest month because the good Lord realized that by this time in winter, we were ready to race on to spring. In fact it could be Jim Gaffigan has February figured out in his quote. "Without Valentine's Day, February would be... well, January."  So we can be glad for Valentine's Day.

The flower shops, greeting card companies, and candy makers are surely glad for Valentine's Day. Rose growers too. Roses will grace many desks and tables tomorrow. Red roses are the romantic choice. Chocolates in heart shaped boxes will be the language of love although I've always thought a sweetheart who knows your favorite candy bar and gets two or three of those instead has saved some money and yet scored some romantic points for knowing what his girl loves best. Chocolate covered strawberries will be the gift of choice in some households. And the restaurants will be busy. In a nearby town, a Waffle House even gets into the romantic mood with tablecloths and candles on the table and the servers dressed up for the night. 

But Valentine's Day isn't just for romantic couples. School kids get to have parties and candy. That was always my favorite party to help with when I was a room mother for my kids. Since all the kids got cards from everyone in the room, they could all feel popular on that day. Older folks who may have lost their spouses or perhaps were never married can appreciate a call or a card too. My thoughtful husband bought his 94 year old aunt an orchid. I know she'll love the flower and even more the visit when he delivers it to her.

Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart.  ~Author Unknown

So I'm wishing you a day when you have joy in your heart. A day when the memory of loves past or present will keep you smiling. A day when if no one brings you a flower or chocolate, you buy one for yourself. A day when you tell those you love that yes, you do love them. What makes you feel loved?

Now I need to get back to the edits on my book, Small Town Girl, scheduled for release in July. It has a lot of love in it. Love makes the stories go around. Thanks for reading. And remember a comment gets you another entry into my giveaway. I've enjoyed all your comments so far this month. 


  1. Hi Ann, I remember the valentines day at school with the box that you would put your little card through the slot...and you are right all got some. I like that idea. children should feel love all the time and I pray that parents that are lucky enough to have them realize that and shower them with it, makes them grow up to be great adults.
    I was touched by your mention of hubby giving flower to his aunt, indeed she will appreciate the visit most. too many older folks get forgotten.
    "Happy Valentine to you"
    Paula O

    1. I like the idea of Valentines for everyone, Paula. I was a little disappointed that Mom didn't get more even though she wouldn't remember them later. She did get a couple that she has looked at over and over. You're right. Children should be loved and also taught about loving others. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. My husband had a dental checkup this morning, so I bought some purply white carnations for him to present to the receptionist. She was thrilled! Said she had only received flowers once (from her ex of two years). Pretty sad (to me) ... as she is probably close to 65 years of age. I am fortunate that girlfriends have bought me flowers (as have I bought for them).

    1. Isn't it fun how random acts of kindness can make the giver feel as good at the receiver? You made that lady's day, Laney4. And mine too when I read about it. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Hi Ann, Your Valentine's blog made me think of the greatest gift of love. God's gift of His Son, Jesus. Without receiving that gift of love, everything else pales! Your sweet husband thinking of his aunt speaks loudly of someone who has accepted the gift of God's Son. Too sweet. Have a super blessed weekend! Linda

    1. The greatest gift - God's love. My husband is very thoughtful and much more romantic than I am, Linda. Maybe I use up all my romance with my heroines. LOL.


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