Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Blooming All Over

It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!  ~Mark Twain

Spring was late in coming this year, but it came in a hurry this week with record warm temperatures after a week of record cold temperatures. That's spring weather for you. But the temperatures rising into the 60s, then the 70s, and today the 80s was enough to convince the flowers to bloom. Forsythia bushes are exploding with yellow blooms in yards along the road. I have a struggling forsythia that's trying to get re-established after being dug up when we built on to the house. We dumped it over on the side of the yard without proper planting, but those bushes are tough. It's putting up shoots and blooming this year. My japonica bush is going red. My peonies have pushed through the ground and are almost visibly growing. All three of those are from sprouts or bulbs I dug up out of my grandparents' yard. A heritage of beauty to be passed from one yard to another, so that not only do I enjoy the blooms, the sight of the flowers also stirs memories of the hands that planted them. 
Yesterday on my walk, I saw my first butterflies. Today I ran my face into my first spiderweb. That's spring for you. A constant entertainment to someone like me who enjoys walking on the farm. I've seen it all before but every spring, I'm ready to see it all again. A joy to behold. And maybe this year the pictures will be even better than last year. This bluebell picture isn't. But you've got to understand that I was taking the picture with one hand while holding Oscar's leash with the other. He still has two and half more weeks of captivity. That's how he's feeling about being in the house. A meek and compliant prisoner, but it's obvious he's far from comfortable. I was hoping to make a house dog out of him, but it's not looking like he wants that. He has become a nice companion here in my office. So maybe he can be an office dog.  
The front door to springtime is a photographer's best friend. ~Terri Guillemets 

What brings you joy in the springtime?

P.S. I sent the prize packages out today. Sharma, Rita, and Tawnya, you should get them before the end of the week. Congratulations and thanks to all of you who made this giveaway such fun for me, even though your number didn't get drawn this time. Maybe in June. Got to figure out a prize. 

Diane K., I sent you a Facebook message, but if I don't hear from you by Monday, I'll draw a new number for one of the 2nd place prizes - a couple of books.


  1. Oscar on the mend? Good to hear Ann!
    I love bluebells, mine are just showing a few buds!
    Blessings and hugs to Oscar,

    1. Hi, Noelle. These are over in the field where the wildflowers grow. That sounds like the beginning or a poem or song. :) Oscar says thanks for your good wishes and hugs.

  2. We are way ahead of you in the south Ann, my blooms on the azaleas are starting to wane for some and then others just starting. I have a forsythia also and it is full of yellow blooms. The spring here in our area is just beautiful with azaleas -dogwoods -wisteria and of course the little yellow daffodils. I love flowers, I had some gladiolas that I got couple years ago and they keep coming back looking great didn't realize this one would do that thought it was annual when I planted. thanks for sharing your spring with us -looks good.
    Paula O

    1. I always love visiting my daughter in SC in the spring. It's so beautiful there with the the azaleas and crepe myrtle and well, everything blooming. Haven't gotten to go visit for too long because of staying with Mom, but I miss it. I've had glads come back for a few years but then they died out. Hope you have a year full of beautiful flowers, Paula.


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