Monday, November 4, 2013

Cows, Pigs and Dogs and a Captive Audience

The Mystery Revealed 

 The guesses were fun. All of you were ready to be out on the farm. And I finally fooled some of you. That made me smile. But a few of you were right. It wasn't a cow. Or a pig. My daughter-in-law knew who it was on first glance, but she privately messaged me her guess so as not to mess up the fun. Above is the "rest of the picture." Meet my neighbor dog, Roxie. She's a sweet dog but she does have a drooling problem and when she shakes her head you have to dodge those "slingers."

A Cow Picture for the Cow Guesses

For those of you who guessed cow, here are the color cows we have. But I could almost see what you were seeing in the mystery photo. Almost. I was really expecting somebody to say panda bear. Maybe I need to go look at a panda bear picture myself. And the pig guesses, well, there are black and white pigs, but I don't have any pictures of those.
On to the Winners

I did draw for the two winners of Orchard of Hope. Susan from CA and Mary Preston. So far I haven't exactly been able to contact them. I'm having trouble with that lately. But I have sent Susan a Facebook message and I'm hoping Mary will send me a message on Facebook or leave a way to contact her in a comment here. If I don't hear from them, I'll draw more winners next week. 

Meanwhile - You Might Win Christmas at Harmony Hill

You can hop over to WFBC Media Center Blog to read my Christmas themed interview there and leave a comment on that that blog for a chance to win Christmas at Harmony Hill. I shared a couple of recipes too. One for the Christmas punch my aunt made when I was a kid and I've carried on the tradition and another for Hummingbird Cake. Don't ask me why they call it hummingbird cake. I have no idea!

A Captive Audience 

Tomorrow morning I'm going to one of my granddaughter's school and talk to some school kids. That's why they're a captive audience. Their teacher will insist they listen to me or at least I hope they will. Two first grades, two second grades and two fifth grades - in three different sessions. I love talking to kids but I'm a little worried I won't be able to keep their attention for the time the librarian has scheduled for me. And three sessions is a lot of talking. I'm hoping I won't let my second grader granddaughter down. Pressure's on! Prayers appreciated!  



  1. What fun! All the mystery pictures were fun to guess. Hope the kid talks go well - praying for success! :)

    1. Thanks for taking part in my guessing game fun. I'll do it again sometime for another giveaway. I had fun too and I have to admit I was disappointed when everybody figured out the picture right away. LOL. The kids did mostly listen and didn't seem too bored. A few were very engaged. I figure all of them are dreaming of being a writer someday. The 1st graders were a challenge, but the older classes were easier. Thanks for your prayers, Susan.

  2. Praying - but, I'm sure the sessions at the school library will go wonderfully! You enjoy doing things with children, & I'm sure they will pick up on that!

    I started to write my guess for the pic, as "either a cow, or a dog" - but decided I needed to limit it to either, or, & finally put down cow. I used to have a St. Bernard - loved him (Caesar). Loveable dogs, but EVERYTHING big, about them!

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Bonnie. The sessions went all right. Better for the 2nd graders and 5th graders than the 1st graders. They were enthusiastic and wiggly! I played some games with them to try to make them think with moderate success.

      Roxie is quite a dog. I just left a reply to one of Noelle's comments on an earlier post telling her that Roxie is all dog. Nothing dainty about her. But she's lovable. I decided a few years back that laundry was easy so if she slimed my clothes, I'd just rub her anyway and throw the pants in the washer. LOL.

  3. Now that I see the picture is Roxie, the St. Bernard it doesn't look anything like a calf! Thanks for the challenge. It was fun. Glad your visits with the children went well. I'm sure they were very excited to meet a real least I would be! Have a blessed week...Linda


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