Monday, June 23, 2014

What are Your Everyday Summertime Joys?

A       "An unthankful heart is like a finger trying to sift the sand for iron–it doesn’t discover God’s mercies. But a thankful heart, just like the magnet, sweeps through life’s circumstances and finds daily blessings from God.
                                                               ... Ellen Banks Elwell

In my recent newsletter I ended with a list of Everyday blessings. Some of you added your own simple but treasured blessings when you entered my Love Comes Home Book Celebration Giveaway (If you haven't entered, you still can. Check details at my website.)

So why not think about some more on this first week of summer. Here are some to start you off.

Summer Day Treasures and Blessings
  •    Swinging on swings.
  •    A cold glass of lemonade or sweet iced tea.
  •    Running through sprinklers.
  •    Watching the sunrise.
  •    Ripe tomatoes out of the garden.
  •    Butterflies and hummingbirds.
  •    Blackberries hanging heaving on the vine.
  •    Old Hymns (especially the memory of your mother or grandmother singing them in the kitchen while she's cooking supper.)
  •    Hearing the smile in someone's voice on the phone. (Especially if it's your grandchild smiling.)
And here are a few simple blessings shared by some of you already: 

  •  When one of the teenagers does something for you  without a motive/reason. (That might not be one of those EVERY day blessings, right, Denise? :))
  •  A good book to read & a small project finished. (ELF)
  •  A cat's purr 
  •  A baby's laugh 
  •  Young children's giggles (the last 3 from Ellen)
What would you add? This morning I can add looking at my little flower garden and being glad the neighbor dogs haven't decided to dig in it. And also the sound of the Bob White Quail. 

So many blessings, but I want to hear what you say too. And if you leave a comment (with a way to contact you) I'll pitch your name in my giveaway hat to perhaps win a copy of your choice of one of my books. I'm drawing for five winners on July 1. Remember each comment on a new post in June gets you another entry. (You must be 18 to enter and print copies for USA or Canada and e-books overseas.)

So what everyday blessing is making you smile today?


  1. Hi Ann, the best summertimes were the ones as a kid in Ky running barefoot through the at the lake..climbing trees and hanging by your feet. summers seemed so long back then and now they are gone in a wink. school gets out and before I can think twice it is back in again. How can the time seem so different from a kid then when you are adult? It is the same time...that doesn't change. we do and seems like we should still have those happy carefree days as seniors now that we did back then.. Having just lost my sister and brother-in-law, I ponder more about why we are here and what we are doing. always happy to stop by your spot and just say hello, hope your MOM is having a good day and that you too are not too stressed.
    Paula O

    1. Always good to hear from you, Paula. It is sad to lose people we love and I guess it makes us think about our own lives and if we're living the life we want to life. But today we're thinking about simple joys and I liked the ones you shared. Summer was wonderful when I was a kid event though we had to work on the farm. I can still remember the cool linoleum under my barefeet when I stripped off my shoes. Thanks for dropping by and for you sweet wishes for Mom. Maybe I'll blog about her again soon. She's about the same.

  2. I am a porch sitting woman who likes to sit outside at dusk. Some summer good things I enjoy are a mater and mayo sandwich, blowing bubbles with the grandbabies and throwing water balloons, ice cold drinks, watching beauty contests and voting, too, the smell of cool clean skin dusted with talc. I also used to love going to tent meetings and hearing the gospel! Sandi Keaton-Wilson FB friend and fan!

    1. Sandi, those are some good summertime pleasures. My grandkids would love you and the water balloons. Maybe next time they're here I'll find the balloons. Thanks for dropping by and adding to our list of everyday blessings.

  3. Hi Anne. So many blessings. Seeing new great-grandbabies for the first time. And watching them laugh when they come to visit now. Was so special when I lived in another state and my girls would call and the grandbabies wanted to talk. That made me smile. I smile a lot now when we have family gatherings on special days. Love watch my kids and grands laugh and talk. I was smiling a lot when I was growing up. So much fun climbing Grandmother's huge tree. Perfect for climbing. And, my grandpa picking on me when I had special time with them alone. Running every where bare footed and how happy when school was out. Playing in the rain. That made me smile. All of these things were such blessings. I smiled today for the blessing that my older brother who fought in WW ll gets to go to DC this week end to see the veterans wall. He is so excited. He just turned 89. the blessings just go on and on. I am blessed that that GOD sees to my needs every month that my money stretches just as far as needed to pay my bill. I sure would love to win your book. Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <


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