Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family, Fireworks, Freedom

Did you watch fireworks last night on the Fourth of July? Did you get to hear the oohs and aahs of family and friends while the sky was lighting up with color and noise? Or maybe you had a little one who was terrified by the sky exploding and hid his or her face against you? 

I missed out on the fireworks last night. My son and his family came by to pick up their dog I'd been keeping for them since they traveled down this way to keep cool after the storm in the east took out their electricity. Then they took a little vacation and Sammy, their dog got to spend a few days here in the country. So last night we had grandkid fireworks here. Well, no fireworks, but family fun.

First Prize in The Gifted Celebration
It's been a busy week with the release of my 
new Shaker book, The Gifted and the deadline to meet for my work in progress. Got the deadline met and now time to celebrate The Gifted. Since it's way too dry down here on the farm to set off fireworks, I'm celebrating by giving some things away. The Shakers talked often about gifts and one of their most familiar songs is "Tis the Gift to be Simple." So what better prize to celebrate Jessamine's story than a Shaker music box playing that song. Just fill out the form on my website contest page or send me an e-mail to enter. Two other prizes too.

I'm also celebrating on the Fresh Fiction page by giving away a journal and a neat pen so that the winner can record her (or maybe his) thoughts and daily happenings the way Sister Sophrena did in The Gifted. I've always loved writing in journals.

I sent out a newsletter about The Gifted and my contest, and I've heard from some of you in return. If you'd like to get my newsletter and don't, just let me know. We can fix that. I love hearing from all of you. 

How did you celebrate the Fourth? Next question, how do you wish you'd celebrated the Fourth? I enjoyed seeing the grandkids. But I think a fantastic way to celebrate the Fourth might be to sit out on a beach somewhere and listen to the waves come in while some industrious city leaders shoot fireworks up over the ocean. I'll just make it even better by renting one of those big beachhouses and inviting the whole family to be sitting there on the beach with me. Think I could take my dog, Oscar too? Since I'm only dreaming, I think I can.  

Try to stay cool and thanks for reading.


  1. Congratulations on the release of "The Gifted." I'm sure it's an exciting yet busy time for you!

    We had a pretty laid-back day yesterday. Our celebration was limited to homemade BBQ, eating out at a favorite burger joint, and watching the Macy's fireworks special on TV. As much as I love watching fireworks in person, it was kind of nice for a change. Hubs decided he wants to go to NYC at least once to see the fireworks extravaganza in person. I'm up for it, so who knows when/if we'll make that happen!

    Happy belated 4th to you!

  2. Laid back sounds good with the heat the way it's been around our way. A record temperature yesterday of 101 degrees. And that homemade BBQ sounds good. My husband brought home some barbecued ribs for us. Beats cooking!

    And get those tickets. I'm sure the Fireworks would be fabulous in person. We saw some once after going to a Cincinnati baseball game. They shot them off over the river. Fun. That was a lot of years ago when my kids were still kids.

  3. Well the holiday is over but just found your blog on the goodreads site so stopped by to say Hi, It is hot in Ga and we didnt see any fireworks just a quite day doing some reading and playing games on the computer. I have a neice in Ky that we play scrabble a lot on FB. will be looking for the new books, thanks for sharing
    Paula O(

    1. Hi, Paula. Glad you did stop by. I think down south and here have been about the same in regard to temperatures this year. I have a niece in TX who came home last week hoping for cooler temps, but no luck on that one. Record breaking heat here.

      Scrabble sounds fun. And of course, reading is always good. :)


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