Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roots - Shallow or Deep

"For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

We've been having dry and hot, very hot weather here in Kentucky. It's weather a lot of others in the country are sharing. In a stretch of ten days we set seven record highs and went over 100 degrees many of those days. And that's without those heat indexes that can make us feel even hotter. We didn't need anything to make us feel hotter. While it was hot, the wind kept blowing. That helped us when we were out in the scorching sun, but it didn't help the plants and trees. The wind whipped any remnants of moisture right out of them. Even the ironweeds out in the fields looked wilted, and there's a reason they are called ironweeds. Almost nothing can bother them. A friend had a digital thermometer that he could point at things and see the temperatures on that surface. He said the asphalt was 169 degrees. The black rocker on my deck topped out at 140 degrees. A real hot seat! 

It's no wonder then that some of the trees are losing leaves as if it were October instead of July. Most of the leaves on the tree in the picture above are yellow, worse than its brother trees down the fence row. There's a reason for that. It's growing near a wet weather spring--a place where there is plentiful moisture most of the time. So the tree never had any need to put down deeper roots. Now its shallow roots can't reach the moisture stored deeper in the ground. 

People can have trouble too when their roots are shallow and suddenly they enter a drought period in life. A time when troubles come, when the good things of life are no longer easy to reach. But people have the advantage over my stressed out little tree. It no doubt is trying to shoot out longer roots but it takes time for a tree to grow those roots. It takes people time to put down roots too but they can find plentiful help in showers of blessings even in a time of drought. Clinging to those blessings of faith and trust in the Lord can help us stand strong when the harsh winds of troubles blow against us. We aren't promised no troubles, but we are promised One who will stand with us through the droughts of life.

I hope you are being showered with blessings and not in any kind of drought. Some things have been difficult for me this summer, but other things have been very good. I'm excited about The Gifted being out for readers and love hearing from you. I'm getting ready to have my Hometown Book Celebration this Sunday at my local library. If you live in the area, come on out. We'll have a good time talking books and I'll have door prizes. I like giving things away. That's why I've got the Celebration Giveaway going on my website and you've got a few more weeks on the Fresh Fiction giveaway too. Fun prizes in both.

Thank you for reading.  

Kind hearts are the gardens, 
Kind thoughts are the roots, 
Kind words are the flowers, 
Kind deeds are the fruits. 
Take care of your garden 
And keep out the weeds, 
Fill it with sunshine 
Kind words and kind deeds." ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. Thank you Ann for these inspiring words,they were much needed today.

    1. Lisa, I hope you will have much reason to smile today while having strong roots to hold you firm through any storm.

  2. Hi Ann
    Ga has been terribly hot also but today while out for dr appointment, we ran into rain on our way home and was so bad you could hardly see two feet and I was driving -so we creeped home with hadzard lights flashing, temps came down into 70's to cool us off, then home again electric was off for about an hr so quite an afternoon but nicer now and I am home on my computer checking blogs.
    I hope you are cooler soon too,,
    Paula O(

    1. It's raining, Paula. Yaay!! A nice steady rain now for an hour or so. The grass is going ahhh. Glad you got some relief from the heat too and that you had safety driving through the rain.

  3. Hi Ann, What encouraging words you have shared today. I do know personally the One who stands with me through the droughts of life. I know Who is in Control and I praise Him daily. I loved the poem about being kind. I pray each day asking God to help me with different things. He is showing clearly where I need to minister. What an awesome God! Thank you dear friend for being you! I'm in PA and while it is hot and dry nothing like 3 digits in the South. Have cool thoughts....Linda

    1. Glad the poem and other words were an encouragement to you, Linda. Isn't that the wonderful things about reading? We can find so much to encourage and help us be better people.

      We've cooled off here and even got rain. Hoping for more, but what we had has made the garden perk up.

  4. Ann, as always, I enjoy reading your writers journal. I find it amazing how you use words to say something so deep and encouraging as you describe the tree roots- only a great writer like you can do that! I also really like the poem by Henry W.Longfellow, it goes with what you are talking about in your writers journal.
    I am so glad your area there, has had some rain and cooled off everyone including the garden, and the poor little trees! We've had some hot temps here in San Antonio,Tx. but we have had some good rains along the way,also, so I am very grateful for that.

    1. Thanks, Janie. I have a niece who lives in TX and she says it's hot, but the rains make a difference. Last year parts of TX was very dry. The rains here have been very welcome.

      I do appreciate you peeking over my shoulder into my journal. Thanks for reading.


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